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time marches on….

"All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy, for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another."      ~ Anatole France.

HunTel Systems, Inc., based in Blair, Nebraska, announced the sale of their telephone, cable TV and Internet divisions to American Broadband Communications, LLC, based in Charlotte, NC. The divisions include Arlington Telephone Company, the Blair Telephone Company, Eastern Nebraska Telephone Company, Rock County Telephone Company, HunTel CableVision Inc.,, Inc., and its competitive local exchange carrier, HunTel Communications, located in Tekamah, NE.

HunTel Systems is a closely-held, fourth generation family owned business. In recent years, Hugh and Richard Hunt have turned over the management of the operations to their children, Karen Aman and Dan Hunt, along with long-term executive Mike Jacobson. The Hunt Family will retain ownership in their other HunTel companies, which include HunTel Systems, Inc, Bass & Associates, EnSite, HunTel Communications, Inc., HunTel Customer1, HunTel Engineering, Mid America Computer Corporation and Professional Forms, Inc.

……..there’s more.
But that’s the gist.
It’s a secret I’ve been keeping.  This was one of those days.

The phone company started in 1912. For over 90 years, this family has been in the telephone business. That’s a long time. It is WHO this family is…..and yet it is not.
My husband is the 4th generation of a line of smart businessmen.
I’m sure those generations sweated and worried and celebrated.
But you have to seperate the business from the heart.

But how do you do that after 90 years?

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I'm a semi-retired mom living smack dab in the middle. Mom to @lasertron and @MattEHunt and new gramma to @aliceelfie. I attended #STS134 #NASAtweetup. I love to cook, hoard magazines and go places with my husband in his Cirrus122.


  1. Cari

    How exciting and scary at the same time! What a lot of thought, worry and dreaming of the future must have gone into this decision for all those involved. So close to their hearts and who they are but not. In these trying times, Mary Beth, you can only think, WWDCD? (What would David Cassidy do?) SING!!!!!!! Good luck you guys, your future IS bright!

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