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Hitch and I went to Lincoln today for the Governor’s Arts Awards.
It was a great, inspirational luncheon.
I sat with three Nebraska senators and a few really wonderful ladies….Secretary of State John Gale‘s wife and another senator’s wife and the director of the Willa Cather Home.

Awards were given to several outstanding artists, supporters, and volunteers.
Those who won were truly deserving, humble and thankful for the recognition.

For me, it was yet another reminder that I have a job to do here in Blair.
I need to form a Blair Arts Council and most likely help with the formation of the Blair Community Theater group again.
They’ve been asked to do some dinner theater performances at the New Blair Eagles building this summer.

I have a very soft place in my heart for the Blair Community Theater.
When I moved to Blair on May 1, 1984, I didn’t know a soul. My mom suggested that I try out for the local community theater because those people are usually fun.

So I did.

And they are.

I got a small part in the play Peter Pan. I had one of the best summers of my life! Most of those people are still my friends, including my cute hubby, Dan.
We need to re-form.
~ ~ ~ sigh~ ~ ~
I’m not sure it’s ME that can do this.
But I have the idea.

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