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Even though I don’t work, I still like Friday’s.
And even though I’m not in school anymore, I still like snowdays.

Today, I battled one of my fears.
Going to the D E N T I S T.
Been putting that one off…for a year.
It was even making me slightly upset.
So, this past Monday I called them, and wouldn’t you know it….they had an opening THIS WEEK!!
On Friday!


So, I went.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the man who is my dentist and the staff takes really good care of me. And I verbalize what I do and don’t want.
Don’t talk to me.
Do give me nitrous for ALL visits.
Do give me the earphones.
Do give me the new toothbrush.

I remember many years ago, I had a rough appointment…maybe a crown? That night, I saw my dentist out and he gave my cheek a little kiss.
I’ll always remember that. He cares.
He and his wife have great hearts….and they recently had a terrible tragedy.
I came UNGlued at their son’s funeral because at the time, we were having some issues at our own house. I can’t IMAGINE loosing a child. No matter WHAT age they are. It would be unbearable.
Yet, they are bearing it with grace.

And I complain about a visit to the dentist.

He has that gnawing pain all the time now, and no amount of nitrous or novicaine will cover it.

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I'm a semi-retired mom living smack dab in the middle. Mom to @lasertron and @MattEHunt and new gramma to @aliceelfie. I attended #STS134 #NASAtweetup. I love to cook, hoard magazines and go places with my husband in his Cirrus122.


  1. oh, how awful! I can’t imagine that kind of pain! At least your tooth pain will go away. I’m sad now.

  2. Carol

    Reminds me of MY dentist. He is so loving and so tender. I AM SCARED TO DEATH every time I go, I don’t know why. He doesn’t hurt me. Once I had bad pain in the middle of the night, and he asked me if I could make it to his office. He met me at 3 a.m. and fixed me. In my mind he’s the world’s best dentist.

    In December he retired and turned over his business to someone else. I’m never going to the dentist again.

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