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the list…..

I have a running "list" in my head. It’s a list of things I want to do, or have done, or need to do, or am putting off, or am doing now.

I am tackling three of the avoiding things within this week.
I went to the dentist.
(Still recovering. I can’t chew on that side of my mouth yet and I have an earache. Don’t know if they are related….)
I am taking a Photoshop Class this week.
(I have ALWAYS wanted to know this. I HOPE the classes are all I want them to be. And I HOPE that I GET it!!!!)
And a personal one that I tackled on Saturday.

Cross them off….and add more to the bottom.
Still a few more "avoiders" but I’m working on it.
I have wanted to go out at least once a month and I have done that, too.
Now to bed to dream about what I would have done with the Lottery Winnings…had I won!!!

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I'm a semi-retired mom living smack dab in the middle. Mom to @lasertron and @MattEHunt and new gramma to @aliceelfie. I attended #STS134 #NASAtweetup. I love to cook, hoard magazines and go places with my husband in his Cirrus122.

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