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the pink shirt

I had lunch with my cute hubby today in beautiful and bustling downtown Blair!

We were talking about college graduation or when we met or something like that and he mentioned "the pink shirt".

It’s such a funny story. It made me smile…….

When he graduated from College, we had been dating about a year…..long distance, via the telephone and cards and letters.
(WAYYYYYY before the internet!)

I drove with his family to attend the graduation ceremony and on the way, we made a stop in Carroll to pick up a special gift I had for him.
I had a picture that he drew in 2nd grade framed by my oldest friend, Laura, who owned an art gallery and frame shop.
It was to be a surprise for Dan, and it cost me nearly a week’s pay to get it done.

But I slipped.

On the phone, I said we would be there "after we picked up the picture". I didn’t even THINK about what I was saying.
He HEARD…."after we pick up the Pink Shirt".
He was NOT really looking forward to THAT as a graduation present!!!

But, in the end, he loved the PICTURE!!!
It still hangs in his office at work. I have to take a photo of it.

Update….Here’s the work of art!


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