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Armchair Quarterback

I just read this in the Old Weird Harold Omaha World Herald.

Omaha school officials discuss idea of uniforms

School administrators in the Omaha
district are spending a lot of time finding belts for students with
sagging pants and asking girls with risque tops to cover up.

A discussion Monday with three principals and a staff development
administrator left some school board members suggesting the district
get community input about the possibility of student uniforms. Other
board members said uniforms wouldn’t solve underlying societal issues.

No proposal was before the board. Board president Sandra Jensen said
during the meeting that no action would be taken without community
input. Administrators were asked to schedule further discussion of the


If I had any guts, I’d run for schoolboard on TWO tickets.
Uniform Shirts
More Nutritional Lunches

I think the clothing at school really REALLY REALLY contributes to the climate.  A simple uniform shirt, tucked in to pants with a belt, would totally even out the playing field.
I really don’t think that a written dress code is enough anymore.
They need a shirt. Each school, a different color.
Next subject!!!!!

I read all the time about schools that serve local, organic, seasonal, good food.
I wonder if that could be applied to all schools.
JUST because you have "always" served creamed potatoes over buttered noodles doesn’t mean you have to "always" do it forever.
I can imagine that planning a school lunch menu isn’t easy, and costs really are the bottom line.
That….and most of the time, the food has to be TRUCKED to another location for service.

But, alas, I’m not brave enough to run for office.
So, I’ll whine a little.


Our friend, Mary Johnson, DID get up off her chair.
She’s running for Washington County Board of Supervisors.

I stand in awe of her guts and determination.

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