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The Celebration Party

I had the whole famdamly over tonight for a little Celebration Party. We all have SOMETHING to celebrate, and I wanted to have a nice evening. The weather cooperated, there was lots of food, and we sat around and chatted and ate. The celebration party was more of a…..well just a plain old party.

I wish I had photos.
I made an angel food cake and sprinkled lots of colored sugar just around the edges. It was using my new “old” square angel food cake pan that my mom and I got at our favorite antique store at Okoboji. Having a square angel food cake pan is even MORE fun when you have a square cake stand. Which I do.

Another photo was of Nathan and Dan laughing. And Kevin and Nancy and Emily eating my veggies, crackers and guacamole. A celebration party is in order for us in the near future when the Colorado Peaches start arriving and Nancy and I have our favorite beverage…..Peach Drinks!!!

And Lynnette brought a beautiful fruit platter. And a bowl of fruit. And a plate of fruit. Lots of fruit. I boiled some brats and grilled them on my cooktop. I had some really nice buns that I tried to steam over the big kettle of fresh corn that Natasha and Olya brought from the farm. It was already shucked. And it tasted really good. I cut off the rest and will try corn soup tomorrow. I even saved the cobs for the broth.

Oh, another picture would have been of Emily and Alex playing. And Andy and Matt playing. And the newleyweds trying to decide if they were adults and would sit around with us, or if they were kids and would play. They chose both. As it should be.

But in the midst of all the hubbub that is our family, I didn’t notice all the great photos I was taking had a little message on each of them.

No Card.

There was no memory card in the camera.
I have to keep all those memories in my head.

Lots of food. I wish I could figure out how to make it easier. But after 20 years of having parties, I want them all to be celebration parties. And that takes alot of work.

If only Zoila lived with me!!!

PS….the haircut?  Kevin says it is too long. Oh MANNNNNN!!!

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