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The weekend isn’t even OVER yet!

Friday afternoon…did you hear angels singing and see the heavens part?

And my cute hubby and I stopped in before attending another party.
My heart was beating a little faster…the air smelled a little better….and I felt a little OLDER in there!!!
Oh well.
It is beautiful.

Friday evening we attended the retirement dinner for John Gottschalk
Here’s the article (stolen) from the World Herald Website.

Scout shelter fund is in honor of Gottschalk

A $250,000 fund honoring John Gottschalk will be used to improve storm shelter facilities at youth camps in Nebraska.

Creation of the fund by the Peter Kiewit Foundation was announced Friday night during a salute to Gottschalk, who stepped down earlier this year as publisher of The World-Herald. He remains chairman of the Omaha World-Herald Co.

The need for shelters was highlighted this summer after four Boy Scouts died when a tornado hit their camp at Little Sioux, Iowa. A national effort is under way to rebuild that camp, with shelters. Gottschalk is president of the Boy Scouts of America.

The Peter Kiewit Foundation said it created the fund to honor Gottschalk’s career as a newspaperman and his work as a champion of a free press. “The grants made from this fund will be formally dedicated in recognition of John’s distinguished citizenship and his effective advocacy for all youth,” the foundation said.

About 400 people — leaders from business, education, government and charitable organizations — gathered Friday night at the La Vista Convention Center for the celebration of Gottschalk’s newspaper career, philanthropy and public service.

Among those attending the dinner and program were five Nebraska governors — Gov. Dave Heineman and four predecessors: Charles Thone, Bob Kerrey, Ben Nelson and Mike Johanns — and Miss America Kirsten Haglund of Michigan. A special tribute by the Child Saving Institute featured children that Carmen and John Gottschalk cared for as foster parents before their adoption.

And World-Herald Publisher Terry Kroeger announced at the event that the newspaper’s printing facility has been renamed the “John Gottschalk Freedom Center.”

What this article doesn’t mention is that they honored him with a PARADE!
The Sidney High School Band and the UNO Marching Band and the Air Force Band and the Omaha Symphony and the Boy Scouts and the Penquins from the Zoo and the cast of A Christmas Carol and The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders (via video) and Wayne Newton (via video) and Cabella’s and several Kings of AkSarBen among others all paraded past us with enthusiasm and celebration.
It was SUCH a wonderful evening.
It was one of the MOST CREATIVE and SPECIAL events I have attended since my own father’s retirement party.
The Heavens Parted Again on Saturday when at the Husker Game, the sun came out (it has been raining for 4 days) and those dang Cornhuskers won their game!
Navy Seal again was on security detail and cleaned up after the victory. (The Navy ROTC had their turn cleanign the stadium this week.)
We took Dan’s 92 year old uncle to Memorial Stadium to see the game. He had a fun afternoon.
So Did We.
Next on my agenda is a couple of antique shows to search for more vintage buttons for Princess Lasertron!
Dan’s gonna do yard work.
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