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Farmstand Corn Chowder

My MomVan pulled into a parking lot in Blair today and I purchased some fresh Washington County produce (that I did not grow but will gladly purchase) and came home to make soup.

In the July heat.
Who cares. I love soup.

oilsI combined a few recipes to come up with this concoction!
To begin with, I sauted veggies in a mixture of bacon grease, butter and Olive Oil. (Combining Paula and Ina in one pan!)


Then I chopped and sauteed one onion, one celery and one carrot. I also peeled and cut up 6 red farmstand potatoes.


While the veggies were sauteeing in Pan A, I was cooking 6 ears of corn OFF the cob in Pan B and boiling the cobs in Pan C for broth.


When the veggies were sauteed enough, I pulled them to the side of the pan and added about 2 T. of flour to the grease and made a roux. Eventually I added the slightly cooked corn to the veggie pan, the potatoes, the corn broth and 4 cups of frozen chicken stock I’d made months ago and was in my freezer. I let it cook a while until the potatoes seemed soft and then used my Boat Motor to pulverize it a bit. That made it perfectly creamy without the addition of any cream!


In the end, I also cooked up 2 chicken breasts and added the meat to my BOWL. I also made homemade croutons from cut up stale bread from Broadmoor Market  (from a few days ago) and baked the croutons ON the chicken pan after it came out of the oven.  Yum.


I stored the leftover soup in an excellent tall jar with a class lid I got at an antique store in Grand Island, Nebraska.

I told Dan when he came home from a hard day of work that the potatoes tasted like DIRT…in a good way.
Unbelievably good soup.

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I'm a semi-retired mom living smack dab in the middle. Mom to @lasertron and @MattEHunt and new gramma to @aliceelfie. I attended #STS134 #NASAtweetup. I love to cook, hoard magazines and go places with my husband in his Cirrus122.

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