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The Lasertron Party

Where Women Create magazine came out this week and Megan is featured in it. She’s on the cover!
We just love Jo Packham, the editor, and had a great time meeting her when she came to photograph Megan in her studio.
Paula Jansen, the photographer, was so interesting to meet!


Megan and Jo Packham, editor of Where Women Create magazine


Paula Jansen, the article photographer


Megan does most of Princess Lasertron work on the computer.

Teresa McFayden and Cari Kraft were also featured in the magazine. We all went out to dinner after Jo & Paula’s long days of photographing in Omaha and Blair.


Teresa McFayden, Jo Packham, Megan Hunt, Paula Jansen and Cari Kraft

And now, after waiting so many months, the magazine is out. We had a party to celebrate! Overdone, of course.


Flowers from Costco then arranged on site.

van supplies-1

Party supplies, including platters, Grandma's Dip, Wrapping Paper and Scissors.


72 inches of balloon fit in the MomVan! Gigantic Balloons from Nobbies in Omaha.


LasertronBlue wrapping paper, fold like a snowflake, round off the top....


...instant Lasertron Flower! Plates are SOLO and matched PERFECTLY!


Drink Tickets


Button Cookies, Pink M&Ms, ChexMix, Pizza, Sliders, and HOMEMADE CHIPS from The 1020 Omaha restaurant!

Button Cookies-1

Button Cookies tasted great!


One Word. Addictive


I enlarged the magazine article and hung them on the wall.


It is worth a drive to Omaha to eat these chips. Really.


Megan. On a Chair. Talking.


Eric Downs designed Megan's new website.

I got to meet so many of Megan’s friends who are also my “friends” on Twitter.
The party was really fun.
Nick has photos from the actual party. (Thanks for that, Nick.)
And Megan has different pictures.

Oh. There were Carrots, too.

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  1. BroBot

    The party was great! and the chips were worth coming from Lincoln for.

    and the Carrots

  2. Your Brother

    You area a Fantastic Mom MB.

    Looks like a fantastic party.

    Wish I was there if not only to laud her magazine appearance but to sample the dip.

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