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Bella Friends

They are Make-Believe-No-More.

I met some online friends tonight at Megan’s booth at Silver Bella.
Some women were those I wanted to meet and some wanted to meet me.
And there I was, feeling achey and a sore throat, covering myself with anti-bacterial wipes and wishing the evening would come to a quick end.

And then I started meeting people.

Those who knew Megan. Those I knew. And those who knew me.

I am filled up with the love that came to us in the booth in the back in the corner in the dark…….
Thanks for finding us.
Thanks for saying all the right words…and for just saying hello. I read your blog. I love what you said about _____________. How is your son? I hear you are going to be a grandmother. What is Dan doing tonight?

I KNOW there are many people who stop by my blog to catch up. But not many check in. I understand that. I rarely comment on other blogs.
But, this week, I will!
And YOU do the same to me!

And can I just ask, How AWESOME is my tall son-in-law, Professor Lasertron, for helping his bride tonight?
Those two make a great team.
Love you, Dave!


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I'm a semi-retired mom living smack dab in the middle. Mom to @lasertron and @MattEHunt and new gramma to @aliceelfie. I attended #STS134 #NASAtweetup. I love to cook, hoard magazines and go places with my husband in his Cirrus122.


  1. Your Brother

    Did anyone ask about all of those pithy comments from your Favorite Brother?

  2. susie vergenz

    ’twas so nice to visit with you in person Mary Beth…I’m so inspired by the lovely relationship you have with your precious daughter and the creativity you have nurtured in her.
    all the best,
    susie v.

  3. I’m so glad you came to help Megan again…I loved meeting you last year and getting to see you again Vendor Night. Your daughter never ceases to amaze me….but after meeting you twice..that is not a big shocker. 🙂

  4. Mary Beth, it was so fun talking with you about crafting, airplanes and such at Megan’s booth — loved the cozy corner she set up — back to visit soon! Pam

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