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Our Great Uncle

Dan has a Great Great Uncle who is 93 years old, lives in his home in Lincoln, Nebraska, and fought in WWII.
You’d never know it talking to him. Humble, Kind, Lovely to talk to.
But those guys….the ones from the Greatest Generation….they don’t talk much, do they?

Right now, that humble man is in France, retracing some steps with his family.
They are taking lots of pictures, and we can’t wait until he gets home.

Today, they went to St. Lo, France.
I wanted to post these pages from an Omaha World Herald supplement, along with his picture from then and now.
Here is a link to Dan’s pictures from the trip. There will be more.
I’ve been loving the daily photo updates and the commentary.

Bill Duane with some re-enactors on Omaha Beach.

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