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Megan invited me to go see “Footloose” at the Omaha Playhouse this past Sunday.
I saw the movie 10 times back in the day. I love the music.
So, to round out the long weekend of activities, I went to Footloose!

The play is based on the 1984 movie. Some parts are different, but I recognized the characters, songs and several of the dances. You don’t have to know the movie to enjoy the play!
The SOUND in the auditorium is wonderful. Each character wears a microphone and they all PROJECT like pros as it is!
Each main character sings and they are all good. Really good. Like, when you are clapping, you look at the person next to you and say “wow, that was good” good.
There is a LIVE ORCHESTRA that is also loud, good and full of energy.
The DANCING? Really good. Like, Broadway good.
The SCENERY was done very well. My children both worked on scenery at Blair High School and I could tell Megan was impressed. I would LOVE to have the backdrop of a line of telephone poles they used. We kept wondering HOW do they slide those dollies with scenes in and out? Very cool.
And can I give a shout-out to the SEATS in the auditorium? A soft beautiful green velvet with a beautiful wooden back. Soft. Comfortable. Big. Did I say Comfortable?

I wish the last scene—the Prom—was a bit better. I wanted Ren to slide in and yell “DAAAAAAAANCE!”. I really wanted them to form 2 lines and have characters dance down the center. The ending seemed a mishmash, not as polished, kindof “hurry up and finish the scene”. THAT scene needs to be over the top!

The Omaha Community Playhouse is one of the top Community Theaters in the country. COMMUNITY. The actors are not professionals!
In the program, each actor lists their theater experience along with their “real jobs”.
It is hard to remember this when you see a show at the Playhouse.
Footloose runs until October 17.

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