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Cake on a Hot Day at the Lake

I’ve been obsessed with a blog post for weeks.
A cake. A beautiful verigated cake. Not a rainbow cake that I’ve seen on so many blogs. But a beautiful, mellow, pink shaded cake. I made it today here at the lake.
My 16 yr.old  nephew from Florida is visiting and my son, Matt, is here, so I had eaters!
The cake is from a blog called Call Me Cupcake
Here’s MY version!

Cake Mix & Bowls
Cake Mix. an assortment of Bowls, and Food Coloring

Butter and Oil

Box calls for Oil. I used 1/4 cup butter and the rest oil to get to 1/3 cup.

Cake Mix & Food Coloring

I added a drop of food coloring after each pan. I made 6 pans of cake. I used Pink Gel coloring and eventually added red to the darker cakes.

Parchment Paper

I used Parchment Paper in the bottom of each pan. I only had 2 pans, so I had to make several circles! I used each pan 3 times to make 6 cakes. I used 5 in the final cake.

Cooled Cakes

A beautiful rainbow of pink cakes, cooling in the Iowa July heat!

Stacked Pink Rainbow

Lightest on the bottom, darkest on top.


Frosted with a simple mixture of cream and powdered sugar.


Isn't it Pretty?!

Cake with Milk

My son Matt enjoys cake with Cold 2% Milk.

Lovely Assistant

But my lovely assistant (my Dad)......

Cake and Wine

.....prefers a slice with a glass of Wine!


Isn't this Cake Pretty!

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    • -I wouldn’t worry so much(and i’ve been doing the igrone/disconnect phone thing for the last 8 months), if there wasn’t a few bills due and my last paycheck just walked out the door. I’m basically back in the red with more things i have to pay or the landlord bloody well tows my car away that i need to get to work in. If i didn’t live 18 miles away from work, it wouldn’t be an issue, but sadly it is. There’s a few solutions but all them take time i don’t have. (or a credit rating that i won’t have for another oh..10 years or so) One of them HAS to be done next week the damned car gets towed. Everything else i can deal with (aside from the recurring red in my main bank account. The other account rarely sees over 40$ at a time, and iv’e got exactly 7$ left in that for the next oh..2 weeks. >_< I'll find a way through it but for hte next two weeks. Hopefully i wont' get an ulcer or something to top things off.

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