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Pork Pot Pie in a Lodge Cast Iron Pan

PorkPotPie in a Lodge Cast Iron Pan.

Serving Pie

Is a meal made with left-overs a second-rate meal? No Way!
Left-overs have just had some Experience!
I had half of a pork tenderloin in the fridge and was trying to come up with a new and different way to cook it.
With the help of ingredients on hand in my pantry, fridge and freezer, we dined on a really delicious PorkPotPie tonight!

I am proud to be comfortable enough with cooking that I can make this up as I go….and glad I have a spouse who appreciates what I cook and simply eats it.
I’m learning not to point out the problems with the dish. Pointing out problems is a waste of time.

My pantry is filled with ingredients to make almost any dish I dream up.
I’ve learned what I need to have on hand to make good food.
As a homemaker, preparing good food for my family is my job!
Pork Pot Pie I have good tools, good ingredients, and with experience, I can make good meals.

This Pork Pot Pie was made with leftovers from my freezer and refrigerator.
It was so delicious that I will now try and have these ingredients on hand to make this again as a First Round meal.

No recipe. Just how I did it….

Peel 2 potatoes, dice, and boil for a few minutes.
Dice 1/2 Pork Tenderloin in small pieces and saute in Lodge Cast Iron Skillet in a scientific measure of  bacon grease & olive oil.
Dice 2 Carrots, 1 Celery, 1 Green Bell Pepper, 1 Onion & saute with pork.
Add 1/2 bag of frozen corn.
Add the drained potatoes.

Make a roux out of 2 T. butter and 2-3 T.  cake flour.
Add some milk and 1/2 container of homemade pork stock (from freezer…so good!)
Bring to a boil until slightly thickened.

Add gravy to the pan of pork and vegetables. Stir together and bring to a boil.
Cover the pan with a pre-made Pillsbury Pie Crust.

Bake in oven for 30 minutes or so until the pie crust is brown.

Enjoy with some crisp cold apples!

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