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Potato Gnocchi Ravioli

One of the new blogs I like is called CookTasteEat and a few days ago they had a dish from Michael Chiarello that I just couldn’t get out of my head. Potato Gnocchi Ravioli looked beautiful, delicious and fun to make. There were a few ingredients I didn’t have on hand but I picked them up the other day at the Wohlner’s.


Local Eggs and Spinach from Honey Creek Farms in Hancock, Iowa. I also got some Organic Potatoes and some nice Ricotta cheese at Wholner’s. It was my first time at the Mid-Town location and it won’t be my last!

I prepared the greens and the ricotta according to the recipe. I used spinach instead of chard, though. My ricotta was pretty dry to begin with, so not much liquid came out…but some did. I didn’t get enough of the spinach liquid out but it still was fine.


I even had the Grey Salt that Michael Chiarello loves so much.


While the Ricotta Spinach mixture chilled, the potatoes were done baking in the oven and I proceeded to make the Gnocchi dough. I used a BIG HUGE bowl instead of just doing it on the counter and it worked for me.


The nice thing about the Cook Eat Taste website is you can watch a quick video and SEE and HEAR just how to do something. I’m new to making Potato Gnocchi Pasta Dough, so I appreciated the tips and tricks. He suggests wearing gloves and cutting and stacking the dough as a way of kneading it without working it too much.


Interesting technique, right?! The Ricotta mixture is applied in a circle and the egg YOLK goes in the center. Then the top piece of dough goes on and you seal it. I have to say that the dough turned out really well for my first try. It is a good recipe! (You can see my iPad playing the video right on the counter. I LOVE technology in my kitchen!)


I boiled them and put the reviolis in a pan with some browned butter. I didn’t have sage (as was the recipe) but it was good all the same. Next time, I might make a slightly creamy cheesy sauce right in that pan.


The Gnocchi Ravioli is Delicious. It was worth the hours I spent making it. Next time, it will be faster because I know what to do and what to expect. Try it!


  1. Catherine arts

    Very well done, I expect to enjoy this dish this summer while lounging at the lake home.

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