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Vegetable Stock

This afternoon I made a counter full of Vegetables into a delicious Stock.


I made an adaptation of a Cooks Illustrated recipe but using what I had and what I could find. Depending on what is in season and what is in the freezer, stock is a pretty easy thing to make! And if you make this, your soups, gravies, rice dishes or casseroles will taste OH So Much Better! Plus, homeade stock is more nutritious. It Just Is.

This recipe is available here but this is how I made it…….

Remember the BIG HUGE POT my brother got me for my birthday? Well, it was the PERFECT pot to make this huge recipe. I put a couple of Onions, 2 big organic Carrots, 2 ribs of Celery (from my freezer), a whole lot of Garlic (maybe 12 cloves) and about 9 Shallots in the pot with some California Olive Ranch oil and I let them saute until they got some color.


Add 2 cups of water but I kicked it up a notch and added BetterThanBouillon Vegetable Base. (1-2 teaspoons in 2 cups of water then microwave 3-4 minutes until boiling). I use a filtered water pitcher because the water tubes in my 12 year old GE Refrigerator have rotted and I no longer get filtered water from the fridge.


After it had simmered for 30 minutes or so, I added a nob of ginger, 1 Turnip, Bunch of Parsley stems, 1 teaspoon of Peppercorns, 2 teaspoons Salt, and 2 Bay Leaves along with about 8 cups of filtered water. That came up to a boil and I turned down the burner and let it simmer, partially covered, for about 45 minutes to an hour.


Next come a few less traditional ingredients! A Bag of Spinach. A Head of Cauliflower. A Lemon. 6 sprigs of Thyme. Some Green Onions and some One Farm Tomatoes from the freezer. I cooked this until the Cauliflower was soft and the spinach had cooked down….maybe 20 minutes.

Now it is time to strain the Vegetables from the Liquid. Be sure it is cool enough for you to handle and use Large Enough bowls and strainer. And be careful.


I put the stock in a few freezer bags for extended saving and in a Weck Jar to use later this week. Make this Vegetable Stock this weekend. It is Delicious, Nutritious, and Fun to Make!



  1. Catherine arts

    Sounds delicious. I can’t wait to make something out of this at the Lake House. WHy does my mouth water when I read REd Mittens???? Love, Mom

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