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Risotto made with Farro

I got MAIL!  I got a BOX! A box of FARRO!


I was expecting it. I’m attending a blogger conference in June and Tuscan Fields Farro is a sponsor. They generously sent 50 bloggers 2 boxes of Farro and asked them to create a recipe. Not gonna lie….I’ve never EATEN Farro much less COOKED with it. Frankly, we are NOT what you would call “Adventurous Eaters” in our family. I looked at their beautiful website and Bing’d some recipes and it hit me as to what I would make. Risotto! My husband, Dan, loves a Chicken and Rice dish I make that is almost like a Risotto. I’ve had Risotto made with Arborio Rice and I loved it. I knew this would be FUN!

Ingredients would include the normal vegetables I’d use in a Risotto with Rice.



I like to cut everything ahead so I’m ready for the cooking. Looks like I added a rib of Celery to that mix, doesn’t it? Brown a piece of good bacon (I use Vande Rose Farms from Iowa) until it is dark and has rendered some tasty fat. Add a nob of Butter and a Glug of Olive Oil. (I use California Olive Ranch). Add the chopped vegetables and let them get a little bit soft and browned. I put 2 cloves of garlic thru my press toward the end. Next, we’ll add the package of Farro to toast it up.


Tuscan Fields Farro is simply an ancient wheat grain. It is nutty, slightly sweet and pleasantly chewy…..and WAY more nutritious than pasta or the Minute Rice I’m used to.


Next I toasted the Farro Perlato. This only takes a few minutes and smells so Good!


The traditional next step for a Risotto is to deglaze the pan with some wine. Pour in 1/2 cup white wine or Apple Cider and let it boil and bubble until all absorbed.


Then, the fun part starts! Stock is added 1/4 to 1/2 cup at a time and stirred until it is absorbed. It is no different with Farro! It absorbs very nicely and you just watch it, stir it, add stock and start tasting toward the end.


There is a “set-up” for making Risotto that makes it easy as pie….have another pan of stock warming NEXT to your pan of vegetables and Farro. Then, you can conveniently ladle in the amount you need. For this recipe, I used my Homemade Chicken Stock, but it could be made with Beef Stock or Vegetable Stock just as well. If I’m out of homemade, I’ll use Better Than Boullion but Swanson Natural Goodness is also a brand I like.


Eventually, your spoon will leave an open “trail” in the pot. Taste it. Add Salt, Pepper and other spices if you’d like. If the Farro is how you like it, then it is done! I added the Almonds and Cranberries and some good Parmesan Cheese at this point.


There are endless ways to serve Farro Risotto.


Family Style on a Vintage Pyrex Platter….


In a bowl with some added Chicken (left-over from Stock Making) or other meat and some extra Parmesan Cheese….


Or on a Simple White Plate.

I liked the Farro Risotto. It was……Delicious. Easy to Make. Nutritious. And Smelled good! Farro seems to be one of the MOST versatile grains around. It can be served hot or cold, in salads or soups, or as breakfast! It is not available at the Omaha Whole Foods yet, but keep your eyes open for Tuscan Fields Farro.

I want to thank Tuscan Fields for sponsoring a contest for the EatWriteRetreat Blogger Event. I am entering this recipe to try and win a scholarship! Wish me Luck!Image







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