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Alcan Highway – June 7, 1955 (58 years ago today)

First in a series of letters found in the home of Dan’s grandparents.

June 7
Dear Honey:
    It’s 9:00 P.M. – 10:P.M. your time.  We just came from a good restaurant and Dad got his dark bread.
    We had an accident a hour after we left Blair.  Dad moved up behind the front seat to hear the radio better and Bob turned around at the same time and his elbow hit dad in his mouth cutting his lip on the inside.
    Just after we left Blair the car started acting up and I figured the Washington County Motors hadn’t done a good job to fix it up and said we stop in Bassett and get it fixed.  When Dad wanted the car checked he said the spark plugs had been fixed in Florida.
    But they hadn’t and (Boham?) was looking for everything but plugs.  Anyway we spent 3 1/2 hours in Bassett and put in new plugs.  Dad has been driving so slow that he didn’t know he had bad plugs.  Dad wanted to stop at Chadron but Bob and I wanted to go on a bit more so here we are in quite a motel but Dad was afraid we wouldn’t find anything here.  Anyway this is the first motel I’ve ever seen like this — to go to the can you have to put on some clothes because your room lets out in a hall with two other rooms.
    Can’t figure Dad out — Mother is always saying how Dad wants to always make so many miles a day — Bob and I figured we could make it into Canada tomorrow but Dad says that we got all the time in the world and we are only going to Great Falls, Montana tomorrow even if we get there at 3 P.M. — so Great Falls here we come.  Guess that’s all – Love, Emory
Show this and all my letters to the rest — Mother and all
    Emory saw Walt Parr and he said Deloris is getting along all O.K. — Dad is not hurt, he just got banged in the upper lip by my elbow and did not drip blood as Emory would have you believe.
June 1955 Letter June 1955 letter June 1955 letter June 1955 letter June 1955 envelope
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