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Alcan Highway – June 8, 1955 (58 years ago today)

Letter from my husband’s grandfather to his wife while on a trip in June, 1955.
Dad, EC or GrandDaddy=Dan’s Great Grandfather
Edna, Sweetheart= Emory’s wife.
Hunt Telephone Properties was the business they owned. Emory apparently took this paper along with him.

1955 Envelope

June 8, 1955 letter

June 8, 1955 letter back

June 8, 1955 page 2

Great Falls, MT []

June 8, 1955

Dear Sweetheart:
Here we are at the Don Plaza Motel with the speedometer saying 30,050 miles, when we left Blair it read 28,893. We pulled in here around 5:30 and still passed up the first motel Dad wanted to stop at.
Dad woke up around 5 AM so he took a bath and then called Bob & me — we both took baths last night so we were on our way by 5:30 around 7:30 we had breakfast in Casper — which was eggs so we didn’t eat until we got here. Went to a cafe at the airport and all had a good meal. Then we went out to see the Falls on the good old Missouri. Dad was sure we couldn’t see them by going the road we did but we found them anyway. We also saw some “Great Springs” and water came out of the ground and rocks to form a good size stream. Bob said, “Wouldn’t Harry Morris go nuts if he had a stream like that at Blair.”
I don’t think much of Montana but they do raise crops where they have irrigation — same places they raise wheat like they do at Grant.
I know you spent some time in Billings but I don’t like it. It seemed very dirty but the wind has been blowing all day. We started out in rain this morning but ran out of it by noon.
Everything has been green all the way from Blair so they have had some rain all the way out here.
This morning we had heat on in the car but we had air conditioning on off and on all afternoon. Bob & I would burn up and then we would cool off until it was too cold for Dad and then we would shut it off. With the wind blowing like hell we just keep the car closed up all the time.
We should be in Edmonton by tomorrow night then on to the Alcan Highway.
Love, Emory

Caterpillar tractor with grader widening the r...

Caterpillar tractor with grader widening the roadway of the Alcan Highway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  2. kurtjacobson899931833

    Cool stuff. I’ve driven the Alcan many times and have fond memories of those trips.
    I like your post on the Oxo avocado tool, and the photos showing how safe it is to use. I’m sure that will convert many a reader from the old knife method of avocado prep.

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