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Alcan Highway – June 10, 1955 (58 years ago today)

(Another letter from Dan’s Grandfather to his wife at home in 1955. The three men, his great grandfather, grandfather and uncle are driving the Alcan Highway in 1955. They are Telephone Men, so they stop at the Telephone Office!)
June 10, 1955
Dear Honey
    Well, we made it —
    Got up about 4:30 and left Edmonton around 5:15 ate breakfast at Smith 132 miles on North.  Went over some terrible, awful, rotten, poor, etc roads from Smith to High Prairie — will have to tell you about them.  Saw some real farm land up here even at Dawson Creek. You wouldn’t think they could even grow anything this far north.
    We got in here around 5:00 P.M. and got a fair motel – cheapest price that we have had yet.  We just moved our watches back another hour.  I now have 9:45 P.M — 11:45 P.M. your time.  Dawson still goes on Maintain Time which made the sun go down at around 10:00 P.M. Dawson time, but it is still light out.
    A rock hit our windshield and put a crack in it. We broke one head light and after 30,000 miles we had 2 two flat tires in a couple of hours.  We drove into Grande Prairie to get gas and look over the town.  Bob went into the Post Office to get some stamps and when he came back we had our second flat tire so we went across the street and had two tires fixed.  A fellow was telling us about it getting down to 50 & 60 below zero.  I think it was 88º here today and the dust is really bad so the air condition was wonderful — we kept clean & cool.
    I don’t know if we are going on tomorrow or not as Bob wants to look over this town but I can’t see why.  The town was 4 or 5 hundred before the Alaska Highway now it is 7000 and still growing.
    We went to the telephone office which has grown from 100 phones to 1300 phones.  We talked to a fellow that wasn’t the manager but he was next in line.  Bob called Jeanette and so you should know we are here and O.K. but tired.  I am writing on a shaky table so I hope you can read this.
    By the time you get this you should have the car back and I hope it keeps you cool.  Don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow but I’ll write.
    Love, Emory
    Saw a dog just like Pepper today.  Is she keeping Butch awake?
This letter was mailed in the same envelope as the letter from June 9.


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