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Alcan Highway – June 14, 1955 (58 years ago today)

130 mi North of Valdez
Gakona, Alaska []
 June 14, 1955
 Dear Edna:
    We had planned to get to Tok Junction which was 403 Mi but we came on 123 miles more.  This place is nothing more than a lodge but some truckers have just about taken over.  They transport tar for the Air Force from Valdez to Fairbanks.  I guess it has been raining here so the drivers haven’t worked much.  One young driver told me all he had made in the last two weeks was only $675.00 — he also said he made $2013.00 in one month last year so they sure are not underpaid.  They make 16 3/4 cents per mile in driving.
    We ran into some black top about 150 miles and will have more tomorrow.  In the morning we will go down to Valdez and spend the day there then the next day on to Anchorage.
    I’m setting here in the lobby now and two drivers are talking and one guy is griping because all he has made is $550.00 this past two weeks.
    I think this is the most beautiful country I’ve ever seen.  I might have seen one mountain higher but not from such a low elevation as here.
    There is a fellow here that keeps talking to me and I’m having an awful time writing you and talking to him — he pays $180.00 a month staying here that’s room & board.
    I’ll write you a longer letter tomorrow — I’ll mail this in Valdez so you can get this sooner.
1955 Letter
1955 Letter
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