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Alcan Highway – June 15, 1955 (58 years ago today)

Just 50 Mi North of Anchorage
June 15, 1955
Dear Edna:
    Pulled in here a little before seven and Dad I think would have stopped 3 hours ago, but we talked him in to going on.  He has the idea that you can’t get a place after 3 o’clock.  Last night at the place we stopped at they turned a couple away at 10:05 P.M. but someone got their room at 10:00 P.M.
    Yesterday just after we pulled in to Alaska and stopped to put gas in and have a bit to eat we looked at our tire and one was going down so we pulled out one of Dad’s prize tubes and told the mechanic to keep it and give us a new one (price $7.95 + 2.00 labor).  Today we had a flat — haven’t fixed it yet but if we give another prize tube away that will leave only 1 tube left on the left front.  We haven’t used my tire yet but the fellow tried to tell me yesterday that the tire we had a flat with was bad but we are driving on it right now.  At that place they also charged us more for gas than any place — U.S. gallon was 66.8 cents — 90 miles on we paid 45 cents — we won’t stop back at Scotties Creek again.
    This morning we drove down to Valdez and it was sure a let down — the town.  Shacks and more shacks make up the town.  We went down to the docks and Dad found out we could not go back by boat with the car.  If they ever get these roads all hard surfaced up here I’m going to bring you up here.  We saw the most beautiful mountains going to Valdez and they were all covered with snow.  The road goes right by them yet it is not mountain driving.  Last night at 12:05 A.M. Bob and I went outside and sure enough we were able to read the newspaper.  Bob didn’t think a picture would be good but I talked him into taking a picture of a mountain at 12:15 A.M.
    Today we saw a number of glaciers — the first I’ve ever seen.  Bob got some shots of mountain sheep but they were some distance away.  We have only seen one moose — one bobcat and hundreds of rabbits.  Looking in my field glasses today I did see 3 bears but they must have been a couple of miles away.
    So far we haven’t dirtied much clothing as Bob washes out socks and underwear and we hope to send a few things to the laundry tomorrow.
    This is a wonderful place to come and see but why anybody would want to live in this god forsaken place is more than I can see.  Its made up of beautiful mountains — wasteland covered with trees or bush the dust and more dust with all the towns looking like hell.
    I’ll be glad to see you.
    I’ll send this from Anchorage so you will get it sooner.  I hope I don’t miss your letter.
1955 Letter1955 Letter1955 Letter1955 Letter1955 Letter1955 Letter1955 Envelope
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