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Alcan Highway – June 16, 1955 (58 years ago today)

Alaska []
June 16,
    Left Palmer about 7:30 this morning and drove on down here and
checked into this place this morning.  We had a flat which I told you about
last night so we went to a good service station but we looked all over town for
a Goodrich dealer and couldn’t find one — I had Bob go in and mail your letter
and did I feel good to find one from you.  I really enjoyed it and so did
Dad and Bob.  The tire was not too good so we bought a new tire (Nylon) and
tube which made four new tubes.  We then had the car greased and while it
was up on the hoist I looked over the tires and found a nail in one — we pulled
it out and out came air so we bought another tube and now Dad doesn’t have any
more special tubes.  We drove around town a little and I took Bob down to
the Y.M.C.A where the Rotary Club meets and he had dinner
    After dinner we went on down to Seward. On the way down we drove off
of the road 7 miles to see Portage Glacier which was surely large, Bob and I
like it but Dad has seen bigger ones so wasn’t too impressed.  On the way
on down to Seward we saw a moose close to the road so Bob — we hope — got some
good pictures, the moose just stood there so I went out and threw some stones at
it to make it move.  Then on down to Seward — we went through more
beautiful mountains and finely hit Seward only to find it just like Valdez which
is just more shacks and dust.  I couldn’t find my lighter and I figured it
was where we saw the moose so on the way back, about 50 miles we stopped an I
walked over and picked it up.  It was getting close to supper time in
Seward so we looked for a place to eat but nothing looked good so we started out
for here.  Went into a place along the road to eat and all hell broke loose
when we went in.  The lady said she had just opened up the cafe a couple of
weeks before but had planned before to have a pet shop.  A bull dog barked
a couple of caic[?] — (dogs like our neighbor in Grant had) barked.  A
parrot the size of a goose started making a noise and another talking bird was
talking — anyway we got hamburgers and left but first we changed another flat
— this was caused by a break in the casing so back to our good service station
and we will pick up a good tire tomorrow.
    Dad was still hungry because we hadn’t had enough so we had a bit
here at this motel — they have a nice restaurant.
    Jets fly over all the time as they have a big airfield here so I hope
we can get some sleep.  Dad is already in bed but Bob and I plan to go down
to the Post Office and mail our letter tonight yet.  We don’t want to go
until 1:00 A.M. because the high tide will be in there.  27 feet higher
than it was at 8 P.M.  Just think of the sea going up and down that
much.  We saw it at low tide.  Tomorrow we are going to the telephone
office and then that evening we are going to take this Glen Jefferson and his
wife out to dinner.  Then Saturday we will go to Fairbanks and spend a
couple of days there.
    I plan to call you from there and if I put in my call at 6:00 and it gets to you
by 7:00 + 4 hours change of time you should be home by 10 or
    I haven’t written anybody else so you can tell them all hello for me — after I
write you I’m all written out.
    When we go back we will miss the road north of Edmonton and come down
in to the state of Washington.
    I still miss you a lot.
1955 Letter1955 Letter1955 Letter1955 Letter1955 Letter1955 Letter


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